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All people, faiths and beliefs welcome. I will customize each ceremony to reflect the ideals of the couple and highlight the beginning of this beautiful journey called Marriage. Being with my partner for 19 years and married almost 10, I am committed to helping other couples understand and support one another as they begin a new journey together in marriage. 

Baby Blessings


Welcoming a new soul into this world and into your family is a tremendous occasion.  I will help you celebrate this new life with a Beautiful Blessing in the place and manner in which you desire.

Becoming a parent is often confusing as everyone has an opinion about how and what you should do especially, when it comes to religion. Being interfaith, I respect all religions and realize every couple has a right to raise their children however they see fit.  Allow me to customize a ceremony that fits your beliefs and highlights this special new being .

New Home Blessings

Oftentimes when we move into a new space, we feel as though something is off. Perhaps an old energy is still present or even a death occurred in the past.  Allow me to clear the energy of the old owners and make room for the new love and memories you are about to embark on in your new home.